about taylor 

Taylor is licensed as a massage therapist by the State Medical Board of Ohio.  She graduated from Columbus State Community College in 2016.  Her specialties include Trigger Point Therapy and Swedish Massage.  Taylor enjoys doing things that bring her tranquility and focus such as working out, yoga, receiving massages, and writing.  She is on a journey to achieve overall peace, health, and wellness and aspires to help others on their way too. Taylor likes to educate her clients, but even more so, loves to learn. If she doesn't know the answer to a question, she is the kind of person who's going to look into it and find out so you can learn together.



about nelson

Nelson has been licensed in massage therapy by the State Medical Board since September 2016.  As a therapist, he has worked on a wide range of clients—from high-performing triathletes and body-builders to those with postural imbalances in need of rest and recovery from the day-to-day. Whatever the need, Nelson is always willing to share insights on the dynamic workings of the physical body and the breath, and how this might relate to care for our own body.

Nelson practices yoga and has taught it for several years. He enjoys swimming, cycling and running and loves the community and the challenge he finds at races. While his body won’t ever let him reach Schwarzenegger’s peak performance days, Nelson sees the benefit of keeping up with lifting weights; also, of hiking in the outdoors and spending quality time with his wife.

As a massage therapist, Nelson’s strengths are in Trigger Point therapy, Muscle Energy techniques and assisted stretching. He is also skilled in Swedish and relaxation massage.



about kevin

Kevin was raised in Central Ohio and licensed in massage therapy by the State of Ohio Medical Board in 2009.  Kevin combines a wide range of technique and deep understanding of the body for a unique therapeutic massage experience. He has a strong passion for his work. A couple years in the corporate world after graduating from OSU in 2003 was enough for Kevin to learn that was not his path and follow his heart into massage therapy.  Kevin loves competitions and the outdoors. Growing up he played every sport he could and still will find a rugby match here and there, mainly as a reminder, not to play again. Well, until the next time.  Having a strong sports background helps him understand the importance of basic movement and can masterfully incorporate stretching and joint moments into sessions to further enhance the body to unwind. Kevin works with local sports teams, clubs and athlete's of all levels and ages to help maintain, relax, relieve and reduce recovery times and ultimately get the body performing more efficiently. He is also comfortable customizing the pressure to the needs of the soft tissue and most importantly to the person receiving the treatment.




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